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What we do......very well if we do say so ourselves!
What we do at Cargyll
What we do - Assessment


Using imaginative and challenging methods, we help you assess and select the very best people for your organisation.

We climb inside people’s heads and figure out what makes them tick... and we're really good at it, if we do say so ourselves! As independent psychologists we're qualified to use pretty much any reputable psychometric test, and we only choose the very best methods, with fantastic results.

We provide top class selection support for your organisation - either remotely or face to face - and we take some beating! First, we help to map out exactly what and who it is you're looking for. It may sound obvious, but getting this bit right is crucial. Then we develop smart selection criteria and competency frameworks, so that when it comes to the final shortlist stage, you're firmly in control.

We design and deliver brilliantly effective assessment and development centres that are comprehensive, challenging, bold, and enjoyable to boot. We choreograph them to appear flawless and flowing to participants (although they're actually the result of really hard work!).

From psychologists to centre managers, assessors to actors, we have it covered. Alternatively we're happy to work alongside your in-house assessors; we're not precious! We also ensure that interviewers and assessors are totally in the groove ahead of the event. By this we mean feeling comfortable and confident, as well as being capable of fair, objective and accurate assessment. How? By providing skilful interview and assessor training that's both imaginative and interactive.

All of this is meaningless without in-depth and truly insightful feedback reports and sessions. So, of course, we do that too!

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