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What we do......very well if we do say so ourselves!
What we do at Cargyll


We help people navigate the choppy waters of change by transforming individuals, teams, even entire organisations.

A wise Greek philosopher once proclaimed: 'The only thing that is constant is change.' Turns out he was a clever chap! In these times of relentless and unprecedented change, absolutely everybody, at every level, needs to be able to manage these shifts.

Periods of change can be tough, and it can be tempting to run for the hills or bury your head in the sand - don't worry, we've seen it all! That's why we arm you with an impressive arsenal of skills to help both you and your team to navigate your way through change and emerge even stronger.

We provide a range of interventions for individuals, teams, even entire organisations that ensure, quite simply, that everyone is heading in the same direction. From supporting someone who is transitioning into a new leadership role, to transforming the entire culture of an organisation, we can help.

We deliver workshops to support, enable and embed change at all levels, including:

  • Consultancy support to shape the scope and direction of change
  • Away days and change planning workshops
  • Change readiness conversations and workshops

We won't give away all our secrets, except to say that we provide some wonderfully whacky (yet staggeringly effective) support to sustain the momentum of change.

Our vast experience has taught us never to underestimate the emotions surrounding change, so we pay attention to the trusty old change curve. This method of helping people to understand their reaction to change remains as relevant today as in the swinging '60s, when it was first conceived.

As well as the tried and tested favourites, we apply fresh thinking and new perspectives; we're an adaptable bunch! Our varied approach has shown real results in transforming how people think, feel and behave, as well as helping people gain clarity about where they are, where they’re headed and how best to get there.

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